I don’t want to blame, belittle or patronise my husband with respect to why he has acted in the way he has. But, I honestly believe he’s going through a mid-life crisis, though I’m not exonerating myself from any blame here. Let me share with you why I’ve come to this conclusion.

My husband, up until very recently, despised social media, he didn’t understand the purpose, relevance or reason as to their existence. He made it clear that neither I nor my children were to upload any pictures onto our accounts of him. Yet he now has a FB account himself! Another neon sign screaming and pointing towards a mid-life crisis is how much he’s spending on clothes, when prior to this he would barely spend £20 on shoes, there’s this stuff he’s started putting on his nails, some anti-nail biting thing, a sports motorbike he likes….

I can’t blame him really, it’s not a great feeling getting old, becoming wrinkly, grey, and invisible. You desperately try to hang onto the younger you, go out all night, no hangover, straight into work and then same again the following night, able to just get up and go for a run and climb a mountain. But now the reality is you’re shattered by the time you finish work, can’t wait to go to bed early, happy to sit on the sofa with a Horlicks and it takes days to get over and straighten up after a gym session! We’d all like to put the brakes on in life, but we can’t, we have to get on with it, and in my opinion, it’s these poignant stages of life where you get to see the true person.

So, please tell me whilst you’re off reliving your youth and seeking some kind of ego boosting ‘trip’, what do I do with the life you’re walking away from, with the children we have, and everything you’re giving up? It appears I got to see the true you.

Keep smiling, I guess.


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